AssayQuest™ Platform

An End-To-End Quantitative Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) Solution

About AssayQuest™

Clearbridge BioLoc’s beginnings originated from its patent pending AssayQuest™ platform. An innovative yet affordable platform that was designed to be a complete point-of-care-testing (POCT) platform that facilitates quantitative POCT from small amounts of patient sample. Furthermore, the platform is empowered with standard telecommunication protocol to deliver telehealthcare efficiently.

The AssayQuest™ system comprises of an ImmunoAnalyzer and disposable credit card size ImmunoCards that are highly customised for different test protocols. The ImmunoAnalyzer processes the ImmunoCard by automating the activation sequence of its embedded reagent-filled blisters and microfluidic matrix. The AssayQuest™ platform allows assay-specific customization using different reagent combinations and assay formats to provide professional and reproducible laboratory-quality results within minutes and requires minimal user intervention.

Its ability to perform complex assay protocol such as ELISA at the Point-of-Care can greatly aid clinicians and other professionals in making rapid and well-informed diagnostic decisions where time is critical.

Key AssayQuest™ Innovations


Every ImmunoCard contains assay-specific reagent blisters that are highly integrated within a microfluidic matrix for precise reagent delivery. The ImmunoCard’s blister arrangement, reagent type and microfluidic design is entirely configurable: making them suitable for a wide variety of assays. In addition, the ImmunoCard can be engineered to enable added on-card features such as sample preparation (metering, lysis, mixing) and signal amplification for improved assay sensitivities and user experience.

We understand the need to deliver diagnostic platform in a low-resource setting where the key priorities are low-cost, easy-to-use and robust operation. The ClearQuest™, a stand-alone user-actuated ImmunoCard, has been developed to facilitate POCT without needing the ImmunoAnalyzer or electricity. Click here for more information.


The ImmunoAnayzer is a portable reader system with high performance detection sensor and a mechanically elegant system that eliminates the need for expensive micro-pumps and micro-valves commonly found in many Lab-on-Chip systems. The ImmunoAnalyzer identifies the test protocol before processing the ImmunoCard automatically and emulating actual laboratory test procedures. The innovative use of this robust mechanism makes it possible for complicated assays to be performed with no manual intervention: allowing tests that are normally restricted to central or professional laboratories to be conducted at the Point-of-Care reliably.

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Smartphone Enabled System

The Assayquest platform is empowered with standard communication protocol to deliver telehealth. It can be specified connectivity options such as Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. By capitalizing on the smartphone connectivity, the seamless integration of the platform with any smartphone allows access to the cellular networks enabling users to remotely share their test data with healthcare professionals for monitoring, analysis or even diagnostic purposes anywhere in the world.

Cost-Effective Solution

The ImmunoCard is very cost effective to manufacture despite their capability in performing complex and quantitative tests through clever material selection and adopting standard manufacturing process.